What each forum topic represents?

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What each forum topic represents?

Post  IvanaDyP on Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:45 pm

We'd like to explain the use of existing forum topics:
Announcements - (title says it all)
Suggestions - Here you can suggest anything you'd like to see in our collab videos. From songs, to colorings, effects, fonts..You can even suggest someone who you would like to become part of our collab group, and who has interest in it. Anything you think we can do, say it and we will discuss it.
Collabs in progress - We will put a number on each collab folder (ex. Collab #1) and when you enter, the only thing we will talk about there is that one video we're working on. The moderator will be descalred on each collab.
Completed parts - When you complete your parts of collab (ex. Part 2 of Collab #1) you will post it here. At the end the moderetaor will also post a link (sendspace) here, and then we'll upload the video on youtube.

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